Sookie stack house white dress
Sookie Stackouse (portrayed by actress Anna Paquin) is one of the main characters and protagonists of True Blood. Sookie is a waitress at Sam Merlotte's bar and grill, and has an amazing ability: she has the gift of telepathy and can hear other people's thoughts. This gift can be a burden on Sookie though, as she feels overwhelmed by all the thoughts she hears.

Sookie lives with her grandmother, and her brother Jason Stackhouse also lives in Bon Temps. Jason and Sookie's parents died when they were children, and their grandmother raised them after that. Sookie's best friend growing up was Tara Thornton, and the two continue to be close in the show.

Sookie meets Bill Compton in the pilot episode of True Blood. One of the factors that draws Sookie to Bill is the fact that she cannot hear his thoughts because he is a vampire. This comforts Sookie, and she cannot resist talking to Bill, even though he is a vampire. She later saves his life when he is kidnapped by the vampire-blood dealers, the Rattrays, and he returns the favor when he saves her life from the Rattrays, who nearly beat Sookie to death out of revenge for her rescuing Bill.

Sookie and Bill develop a relationship during Season 1, and she loses her virginity to him. In the Season 1 finale, Sookie realizes that her and her brother's friend Rene Lenier is the serial killer who has been terrorizing Bon Temps. Bill and Sam rush to save her, and while Bill collapses from the sunlight and Rene fends off Sam, Sookie is able to kill him and end his reign of terror in Bon Temps.

In Season 2, Sookie, along with Bill, is recruited with Bill by Eric Northman to assist in finding Godric, his maker. When they meet with Eric at his club Fangtasia, Sookie sees that her friend Lafayette has been held captive by Eric for the past several weeks. She tells Eric she will only help him if he releases Lafayette, which Eric agrees to do.

Sookie later infiltrates the Fellowship of the Sun church, and while she is later captured, she is rescued by Godric. When she returns to Bon Temps, she helps to defeat the powerful Maryann, the maenad who took control of Bon Temps while Sookie, Bill, and Jason were away.

In the finale of Season 2, Sookie is with Bill at a French restaurant. Bill proposes to Sookie, and while she slips away to the bathroom to think it over, Bill is kidnapped by a mysterious stranger. Sookie returns to find him gone. It is later revealed to be the Vampire King of Mississippi who had ordered the kidnapping.